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Complete Dry Utility Joint Trench Excavation & Installation

From Rule 20 Offsite to Service Completions Tennyson offers complete Joint Trench Installation for Commercial and Residential. Employing the industries best certified PG&E installers ensures the project is on time and on budget.

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Traffic Signal Construction & Modifications

In traffic signal construction it isn’t who you know but what you know. With the industries leading installers of underground construction the project moves to completion seamlessly. Chosen for our unparalleled commitment to quality and consistency Tennyson is referred by many local agencies as the builders of choice.

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Streetlight Construction & Retrofit

With unmatched Manufacturer and Supplier support Tennyson offers cutting edge technology and support on today’s Streetlights for the most demanding clientele. From conceptual design to installation Tennyson can help in the vast options of today’s ever changing lighting marketplace and offer a complete energy efficient solution. 

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Fiber Optic Installation, Splicing & Testing

As the industry changes so does Tennyson Electric. From the very beginning the Tennyson Electric Fiber Optic division stayed current as the market changed rapidly. From complex fiber splicing and installation to air blown fiber certifications Tennyson Electric is always prepared, Certified and equipped to offer the best service. ISP and OSP services are our specialty. With our combined underground substructure service division we offer a complete Fiber Optic Solution for every need.

Utility, Traffic Signal, Streetlight & Fiber Optic Maintenance

When it’s dark, we shine. When it’s flashing, we make it cycle. From damaged traffic signal loop repair to emergency streetlight or signal outages Tennyson will get you back in business fast. If you need help or just need an ongoing maintenance program that is cost efficient and effective look no further.


Recent success on several projects have led us to investigate and explore the potential of starting a maintenance division.  We have realized we extraordinary untapped resources within our employees who have the talent, drive, and solid relationships with public work agencies.  We are currently in negotiations with several cities and look forward to seeing where this venture may lead us.

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