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To lead the electrical underground market.


Keys to our success are:

  • Relationships: Establishing and nurturing them with employees, customers, and vendors

  • Reputation: Building and maintaining

  • Results: Achieving the goals we set



  • In People: Finding those who are like-minded individuals who believe, value, and act like us

  • In Progress: In self-development, learning, and continual improvement for everyone and the business

  • In Communication: It is essential to everything we do.

We get DIRTY

  1. We are Driven: We are competitive, gritty, and determined to achieve our goals.  We take pride in ourselves and our work.  We have a “Get er’ done” mentality, and strive to embody our early company motto, “Go Hard or Go Home.” 

  2. We take Initiative: We realize we can determine our success, and need to act in order to achieve it.  Therefore, we identify problems, we own those problems, and we solve them. 

  3. We are Respect: Our actions carry weight, and we strive to act with intentionality to build trust knowing that everyone has value.

  4. We work as a Team: We realize we cannot succeed alone.  Partnering with people (employees, customers, and vendors) contribute to our overall success.  We strive to find a win/win for all parties.  We expect our team to be humble, smart, respectful, and accountable.

  5. We need You: The only two things you can control are your effort and attitude.  Controlling these seem easy, but require determination, resiliency, tenacity, learning, self-improvement, development, and taking action. 

Do you have what it takes to get DIRTY and lead the industry?

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